ProCEEL: eHealth Pre-consultation system

The ProCEEL system offers you, as a healthcare provider, the opportunity to obtain a clear overview of all the desired client information prior to your contact. In ProCEEL, you determine the information you want as the healthcare provider…

All you have to do is enter the client data and indicate which questionnaires you want to present to your client. The system does the rest. The client receives a link to the questionnaires via e-mail. Once the client has answered the questions, the results are clearly shown to you. The system can be used at your client’s home, but can also be used at your outpatient clinic, hospital or as a tool for your scientific research.

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Advice and guidance

Somnia Consultancy can advise and guide you in efficient innovation and the implementation of your practice, (poly)clinic or healthcare-related company…

We offer process and content knowledge from experience within the healthcare sector as well as expertise in the field of marketing and smart digital tools.

Of course, Somnia Consultancy can also offer you guidance and support in implementing ProCEEL.

We possess specific knowledge in the field of sleep disorders.

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Somnia Consultancy is a dynamic and enthusiastic company where direct contact comes naturally. Somnia Consultancy has expertise in the healthcare sector, with sleep and sleep disorders as its main content focus.

From practice, the ideas arose for innovations in daily healthcare practices. These ideas can also make your work as a physician or healthcare provider qualitatively better and more efficient. At Somnia Consultancy, we’ve linked content knowledge to experience and expertise in the field of digital technology and marketing.

What is ProCEEL?

ProCEEL is a privacy-safe eHealth database system. You enter the relevant client details and e-mail address. You indicate what information you want to receive for each client or client group. The system sends the client an e-mail with an invitation to answer a number of questions prior to the visit. The answers or results are compiled, depending on the type of questionnaire. The results are presented to you in a clearly ordered manner. You can also view the originally completed questionnaire if desired.

The results can be exported easily to your electronic patient file at any time.

You purchase a complete ProCEEL system on behalf of one user group per speciality. We do not have any client-specific rates.

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