ProCEEL is a privacy-safe database system. You can use the system as preparation or support for your (first) consultation or as preparation for your eHealth contact. You enter the relevant client details and e-mail address. You indicate what information you want to receive for each client or client group. The system sends the client an e-mail with an invitation to answer a number of questions prior to the visit. The answers or results are compiled, depending on the type of questionnaire. The results are presented to you in a clearly ordered manner. You can also view the originally completed questionnaire if desired.

The results can be exported easily to your electronic patient file at any time.

You purchase a complete ProCEEL system on behalf of one user group per speciality. We do not have any rates per client.


Question lists and questionnaires

We have a variety of questionnaires available. We also create customised questionnaires and journals. When available, we make use of evidence-based questionnaires. The system makes automatic calculations or compiles the answers. The results are presented clearly. You determine which questionnaires are used in the system.

Client A receives a referral to your centre. You enter the name, identification number and e-mail address of the client. You select which questionnaire(s) will be sent to your client. The client receives an e-mail with a login code and logs into the system. The client answers each question separately, after which the client is thanked for the co-operation. At that time, the system generates the answers and results. The results are available to you within a few minutes. By means of an export function, the results can be placed in the electronic patient file if desired.

For every possible speciality, we create questionnaires, triage tools, intake lists, journals and/or logbooks. Distributed once or over a longer period. Pain scores, headache journals, sleep-wake journals, etc. For the already created lists, see our lists page. If the lists you want are not (yet) available, we’ll be happy to create them for you.

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